Our Mission

We will help our customers achieve greater strength and wellness by providing Ribose enhanced products which will increase their cellular energy.

About Ribose 4 Life

Ribose4Life was founded in 2020. The company’s founders are Dr. John St. Cyr M.D., Ph.D., and David Lee.  Dr. St. Cyr is a leading expert in cardiac metabolism and has been involved in ribose-based cardiovascular research since the mid-1980s. Trained as a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. St. Cyr has a strong background in biochemistry and physiology. He has published more than 250 scientific research articles and has presented his research at more than 50 national and international medical meetings. Dr. St. Cyr received his Master of Science degree in physiology before going on to complete both his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Minnesota. For his Ph.D. research, Dr. St. Cyr studied the effect of ribose on ischemic hearts (hearts deficient in oxygen due to reduced blood flow). He currently is a full- time clinical consultant and scientific adviser.

David Lee a medical sales professional who has 25 years of experience in treating cardiac Arrythmias to include Pharmaceuticals, Implantable Devices, Surgical and Catheter based procedures.

(D-Ribose) Ribose is a natural occurring pentose sugar or carbohydrate that our bodies make naturally. It is an essential component of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the molecule that supplies energy to every cell in our bodies. Systemic Ribose levels decrease as we age, and replenishment is extremely beneficial to increasing one’s energy level and overall health.

Our goal is to help our customers achieve greater strength and wellness by providing Ribose enhanced products which will increase their cellular energy.


Ribo™ Water

Ribo™ Water is manufactured for us by Divinia Water in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  DIVINIA Water is the result of a proprietary purification technique that delicately removes the effects of man. The result is balanced, deuterium depleted, cellular “EZ” water for optimized hydration.

The process recreates the natural formation of water far beneath the earth’s surface, where hydrogen and oxygen from heat and rock combine to make clean, pure H2O. They like to call it the perfect water and we agree. 

We have added 5g of D-Ribose to rapidly increase ATP production and help those individuals who may be experiencing cellular depletion of ATP for various reasons.

Ribo™ Water comes in 16oz glass bottles to maintain its purity and freshness.


Ribo™ Chocolate

Ribo™ Chocolate is manufactured in Boise Idaho by Dream Chocolate and they have been in business since 2002. Dream Chocolate has found suppliers who share values in preserving the Earth and taking care of the people who grow and produce this wonderful organic food. The chocolate bars are made with Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa beans, to make sure our product is grown responsibly, and the workers are treated well and paid fairly.

We have added 3g of D-Ribose to Dream’s Dark Chocolate selection for those individuals who want an afternoon energy burst.

Ribo™ Chocolate comes in 1.3oz Dark Chocolate bar.


Ribo™ Bar

Ribo™ Bar is made in Tacoma Washington by Gallucci’s Catering founded on October 8, 1988 by Ronald Gallucci. Gallucci’s started out producing boxed lunches for schools and offices throughout the city.  Several years later, the company now offers the finest in catering and specialty foods and has grown into a premier catering company.  In March 2015, Adrielle and Jeff Flinders with partner Kris Manke, purchased the company from Treia Gallucci.  Adrielle had previously worked alongside Ron for six years, shadowing him and learning everything he had to offer.  Gallucci’s Catering chef, Johnny Fleischman makes one of the best energy bars you will every eat.

We have added 5g of D-Ribose to Gallucci’s energy bar selection for those individuals who want a little pick me upper in the afternoon or evening. Crunchy Organic Nuts mixed with Organic Berries make this a delicious healthy choice for an energy snack.

Ribo™ Bar comes in a 2.4oz energy bar size.