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DIVINIA Water: Earth’s only pure balanced oxygenated light cellular water.

Flavor: Clean, fresh, smooth flavor


Manufacturer: DIVINIA Water

Ingredient Information: Purified Water

Allergen Information: No known allergens

Package Information: Glass bottle (made of recycled glass)

Serving Description: 500mL bottle

Recommended Daily Amount: 1 500mL bottle

About this Item:

  • •DIVINIA Water is the only known brand to offer 100% pure water + functional benefits
  • •Proprietary 16 stage water purification technique
  • •Exclusive Eco-friendly approach bringing water back to its natural, pure form
  • •Free from Arsenic, Chromium-6, Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead, MTBE, Trace Pharmaceuticals and pesticides
  • •EZ water, DDW, Bioavailable Hydrogen, 102% oxygenated, neutral PH

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